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Mayfest at Fort Worth, TX

The full band traveled to Fort Worth, TX, to perform at the Mayfest event held on the banks of the Trinity River near downtown. They were the final entertainment of the festival and had a great crowd as you’ll see in the photos below.

The highlight of the concert was when Brandon, a fan at the concert, purchased one of Eli’s t-shirts and tossed it to him on stage during the concert (see the first image below). Eli had just made the comment that even he didn’t have one of his own shirts. From the stage, Eli shared, “Brandon, I’m going to remember you. You’ll see me down the road someday, because we ain’t going anywhere…we are doing this. I’m sure as heck going to remember this. This is really awesome!”

During the trip, the band also checked out local sights including the Fort Worth Stock Yards, lunch at In-N-Out, and dinner at the legendary Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican restaurant.

Below, you can watch the video of the entire concert or click here for a full-screen slideshow of photos.

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