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April Update

So here I am, in the back bunk of our van as we go down the road in Arkansas’ Ozarks. I just had a lovely lunch consisting of chips, water, and a PB&J sandwich that I made from some free bread that was given to us by one of the radio stations we stopped at yesterday. Apparently, Sara Lee has a new “classic white” bread they released and wanted people to try. So I gladly obliged. But that’s me keeping expenses down to stretch the dollars we earn and are given to us by our Patrons. Another thing we do is sleep in the van on nights like last night where weather permits. This saves us about $50-100/ night.

Arkansas has been so incredibly welcoming to us. They seem to like my style of music here and the radio response has been amazing. One station had been playing “St. Augustine” for three weeks before we got there for the interview and already had us put in the rotation! Later this week is east Texas radio and then we head home on Saturday. I believe we are up to 70 radio stations playing “St. Augustine” across the Midwest, Southeast, New York, Illinois, Idaho, and Texas. Tracy Byrd just sent me a text saying to keep up the hard work so that was pretty exciting! Yeah, we are working so hard not only for ourselves, but also for our fans and investors. Not just the ones that have given money, but time, and everything else to help us along! There’s no end in sight!

Coming up we have a tour run that we, the band, have been dreaming about for a couple years, and have been anxiously awaiting for about 6 months! We are heading to Texas in May for a couple days! It’s going to be a very exciting weekend but a lot of work. We play in south-central Florida in Sebring, FL on Friday 5/3, Brenham, TX outside of Houston on 5/4, and Ft. Worth on 5/5. Then we return for the guys in the band to be at work on Tuesday morning early. May and June will be full of weekend runs to the Carolinas and Georgia as well as some that are in states further away.

Anyway, I am trying to keep expenses down and productivity high! I am so appreciative of you for choosing to join me on this journey that we are all excited about!!!

Thank you,


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